BOHM b76 Awesome Headphones

I live in a small apartment surrounded by the noise of neighbours with small children that drives me up the wall and if I didn’t have my Bohm B76s I think I’d go round the bend. At first I would turn my TV or stereo sounds way up to try to annoy them as much as they’re annoying me but that ended up with no success at all, just further antagonism and me getting more and more tired and frustrated. Then I discovered noise cancellation and bluetooth. Where had I been before this?


In truth, I’m not that much of a music lover. I like radio because of its variety of genres and I guess you’d say I’m not a high-end music user. I’ve got limited resources and I’m trying to save so I can move out to a better area. Anyway, I stretched my budget enough to afford what seemed to me in the shop as the best price for the best results. What really drew me to Bohm B76s was the Bluetooth. I hadn’t realised I could move around my apartment, like prepare food, do the chores, etc, whilst having the TV play through my headphones. What a liberating experience – how this freed me up from audial torment you’ll never believe. I can have the volume as high as I need or as low as possible when things are calm from the neighbours. The one and quality of my hearing experience is terrific – it’s like having new ears and being in the middle of surround sound.


Not only crispness and clarity from this Bohm B76s wireless review but I can wear them from when I come back from work until I go to bed without any discomfort. I adjusted to fit and the luxurious padding on the head frame and the ears has remained as supple as when I took them out of the box. Thank you Bohm for saving my sanity! The only negative I can say is there is an audible low hiss when I reduce volume down to below 10 per cent, but that just doesn’t happen because my typical playback volume is obviously much higher.